I’m currently having exams so I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about lol :garb So I thought I’ll talk about briefly about one of my main interests/hobbies, which are ball jointed dolls, focusing on my first doll Takeru. :bunlove

My first bjd, Takeru.

I got Takeru in April 2008 and he’s a BlueFairy Louis. It took me a while to decide which doll to buy first, but I’m glad I got him as my first sculpt since I ended up getting two versions of it :prince I guess what drew me to BJDs are how customisable they are. You can buy or make a range of items for them and keep changing their look or attitude they emit :3

Takeru with blonde hair 8D

I like to dress my dolls in kodona style or casual clothing. I find it amusing to dress them up in clothing which is like fashionable for people now? lol :glee3 I really enjoy looking at fashion magazines or clothing in general so to me it’s like another thing to get excited about kekeke chuchu: Some of  my favourite e-stores to browse are Nine9 Style, DollHeart and Sadol.

A dreamy look? haha

I’m really glad that I got into this hobby, I’ve met lots of nice and different people and I’ve learnt new things :glee8


    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks~ ^^
      Yes, I have seen those dolls before! They are lovely but not really to my taste, I prefer boy dolls ;)

  1. Your dolls are lovely & adorable! :) I wanted to have them in the past, but I still don’t really got the money for it xD (I spend my money on other things that I like)

    Goodluck with your exams btw ^^

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thank you! Ahh yes, they eat away at your money lol ;A; But unfortunately I have an urge to collect cute things no matter how expensive they can be D:

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