My relatives (aunty & cousins, 15 & 12) from Malaysia are currently staying at my house, so on Saturday my sister and I took them to Luna Park. It’s been like 4~5 years since I had been there haha :huuu And I must be getting old or something because the next day I ached all over lol :nothappyjan

My favourite activity was the bumper cars. It was actually the first time that I’ve driven it by myself, usually I made my friends drive me lol :dance I didn’t cause any pile ups so whooo~ :glee4

Nice view of the Habour Bridge and Opera House

Freaky smile lol D:

Ferris Wheel :D

View from the ferris wheel
& another view~

Also I’ve decided to buy back my old domain on the 2nd of Dec (which is my birthday :happy2 ). So please prepare to change your bookmarks :glee8 And maybe a new layout if I have the time lol. :bunclock


  1. Woah, looks like you had fun! :) Love the photos!

    Why are you buying your old domain back? :) What will the domain name be? ^^

  2. Darn. I was in Sydney for two months a couple months ago and never got over to Luna Park. It looks fun from the photos :-)

  3. That park looks colorful & fun!

    What was your old domain? Was it I used to follow you on that domain and then it unexpectedly disappeared but then I found you again :D

    • Vermillion Reply

      Close! It was C: Yeh I was too lazy to repay for it so I just switched to a new domain lol. But I miss it XD

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