I was meaning to post this earlier but I got a bit lazy, sorry :bunstorm I was just want to say, first off, that I’m extremely impressed by the fast service I received with this order. It only took 6 days from when I placed the order, for the package to arrive. :bunbow For links about these items, please click here :happy2

Box and packaging :3

So here’s a photo of the box and packaging. First time that I’ve a brown box, usually it’s white with a cute aeroplane on it :lovesit In case you didn’t know, when you buy from sellers on Gmarket, they send the items you ordered to the Gmarket warehouse where they put all your items into a box for you. So when you open it, they’ll be packets with your items inside :hearteye2


Rating: 9/10

This satchel is very nice, looks exactly like the images they posted ^^ I love how you can wear it as a shoulder bag or a backpack. My only turnoff from it was that the material is a bit flimsy. I was hoping it would be a bit more studier. >3<

Lace Shorts

Rating: 10/10

This is supposed to be ivory in colour, but it looks more like oatmeal to me? :nyoro  They either gave me the wrong colour, or their photos weren’t very accurate but I like them. :bunchuu It’s very well made. I like how it has an inner layer inside :3 & they gave my free hair-ties lol.


Rating: 10/10

I always love looking for shoes on Gmarket coz they usually have my size. My shoe size is 230, always hard to find shoes that I like in my size :bunNO These are quite nice and light and I find them easy to walk in. They also have zippers on the inner sides to make it easier to take them on and off.

Rabbit Print Jacket

Rating: 9.5/10

Very nice, just like the shop photos ^^ I  love the print and the jacket is pretty light. They left a nice little thank you note, with a free bow hair-tie. It smells really weird for some reason, will have to give it a wash :garb

Diary Set

Rating: 10/10

This is so cute! It came with everything pictured and they even gave me 2 pens as a gift :glee2 I like the diary/planner as it has a hardcover. The stickers are nice and matte :3

Sticker pack 1

Rating: 10/10

These are very lovely. I like clear stickers with vibrant and simple illustrations. I think the crayon/pencil look is cute. :buncheer

Sticker pack 2

Rating: 10/10

And for the last item, another sticker pack. There were 8 sticker sheets with a cute folder, which I’ve already put the stickers in for this photo. These are very cute as well, who can resist animals? :crazydance

I’m really satisfied with this order & I can’t wait to order from Gmarket again. Can’t wait to get my VIP status lol. My sister and I are thinking of ordering some usamimi :happy I’ve got enough clothing I think, just need accessories haha.


    • Vermillion Reply

      Haha really? I’ve only had shoes smell a bit weird, first time that I’ve had clothing smell bad D: And it’s really strong.

  1. Do you know Korean? If not… which tutorial did you use to get yourself set up on gmarket? I’ve always been interested in ordering off there but there’s so much going on and it’s all in Korean… very overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know the language.

    • Vermillion Reply

      I only know a bit of Korean :) And I’ve never used any tutorials. I think at first it’s overwhelming to look at and navigate around but after a while you’ll get used to it? I guess the hard thing is that it’s easier to find items if you search for them in Korean and most cosmetic brands/stores don’t ship outside of Korea :(

  2. Thanks for posting up and reviewing the items. I was basically eying EVERYTHING that you bought XD!! It’s a shame the bag isn’t studier because I was going to buy the same bag from that satchel company in England and was hoping that the bag from gmarket would be study since its 1/10th the price of the other one. I abuse my bags a lot, so I guess I won’t be able to get it ):

    Everything else you got is really cute though! I like the shorts, but do they look like night wear IRL? I wish they offered them in more colors too o;

    • Vermillion Reply

      No problem! ^^ Haha my sister also commented that they look like housewear XD I guess it’s too lacy but I’ve been hunting so long for a pair that look like that lol.

      Yeh I wish it was studier too~ I was hoping that I could use it for uni and use it to carry my netbook :( I guess it’s worth it to pay more if the bag will last a lot longer.

  3. Which seller did you get your stationary from? IT’S SO CUTE!!

    • Vermillion Reply

      I can’t remember the exact store where I got the stickers from but if you go to the fancy stationary section of Gmarket, you can find sellers that sell these stickers.

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