Today I thought I’ll just do a little plug on my fav artist Dric! :glee I first saw his artwork on Cyworld a few years ago when he was made layouts for minihompy. And I’ve been a fan ever since. There’s just something about the cute and colourful artworks that he creates that draws me into them. :glee5  I’m not sure how to describe it haha :bunlolwut Here are some of my favourite artworks that he has made. You can visit his website to see some more.

I love his art so much that I bought his tutorial book :bunbow I also would like to get his diary but I need a shipping service to buy it so I’m waiting til I want more stuff from Korea :sobbb

My collection is growing! bwahaha

This book is very nice (love the free postcards included! :hearteye2 ), all colour and he goes through the different methods he uses on Corel Painter X to create his work. It’s very informative! chuchu: This is a piece that I created inspired by him:

Please click if you'ld like to see a bigger version :)

I’ve never been really good at art since I’m always picky so I find it hard to try and portray what’s in my head, so I usually give up lol. And I also think that my sister has the most artistic skill in my family :3 I remember when I taught her how to draw teddy bears when she was 4 haha :happy

But anyways, isn’t the internet wonderful in discovering artists? It’s also another reason why I love tumblr, I like it when people post up their art or plug other people’s art :bunlove .


  1. His illustrations are so nice! I agree, there’s definitely something special about his cute and colorful artwork because it’s very catchy. Your inspired illustration is nice too! It’s definitely better than anything I could draw (: & I love tumblr because it’s like a never ending catalog for eye candy too +_+.

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