Last night I went to Daruma Japanese Restaurant with my Japanese teacher and class :glee2 It was to celebrate the end of our exams (though I still have Japanese to do since I deferred it coz I was sick :gloom ) and 2 students going to study at Nagoya next year. I’m so jealous but my mum wouldn’t be study overseas for 1 semester lol :argh But my Japanese teacher is planning to have a like a tour trip sometime in July, visiting cities around Japan. If I don’t transfer to another university (trying to switch to fine arts whee~ :3 ) and it does go through, I’m so going :crazydance

Location: 1st Floor, Prince Centre, 8 Quay Street, Haymarket, 2000

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It’s a very nice place, mediumish in size :bunchuu And everything seemed decently priced. I ordered a lemon and green apple mocktail to drink which was very nice and sweet :hearteye2 And to eat I had a katsu-don :buneat I guess it wasn’t as fried compared to other restaurants (I’m a big fan of deep fried food :lovesit ) but it was still good. There was also an omelette with onions and it came with a mini salad :glee4

Lemon + Green Apple Mocktail - $3.80
Katsu-don - $8.00

It was a really great place to eat at and I would definitely go back :bunlove


  1. Aww, the food looks delicious! I’m glad that it all tasted good >w< And a tour trip would be awesome, I hope you can go :3

    • Vermillion Reply

      Yup, I’m wishing very hard for it to happen~ xD

  2. avalanchee Reply

    haha, I’ve been to Daruma ALOT with the club. It’s like the number 1 place we go to when we want cheap food and can’t think of a place that we can go to with a huge number of people and no booking XD

    I’ve never tried the drinks before though, so might try it next time I go~

    Ooo, fine arts? :O Did you have to apply through UAC? What uni’s did you put down? :3

    • Vermillion Reply

      Yeh, you should try the drinks! ^^ I was pleasantly surprised XD Coz it sounds like it would be too sweet. I remember I liked died when I had the Easy Way mocktail lol >_>

      Yup, applied through UAC and I put down UNSW/COFA or I want to study Science again at USYD.. D: Just not sure about my GPA..*cough* Did you remember getting info booklets after you submitted your preferences? I was surprised when I got some from COFA XDD I didn’t remember getting anything last time lol.

      • avalanchee Reply

        Yea – they usually send you info booklets at UNSW/COFA if that’s their place is your first preference. I remember getting a bunch because my first pref was Digital Media/Computer Science.

        Sounds like fun :D I sorta wanna do a more artsy course right now :/
        Not too sure I want an IT job… but I’m being really indecisive. Don’t know if I want to finish my course and then just do a Master that’s more design involved or transfer (GPA is sooo low D:) . And then there’s also the feeling that I’ll be at uni too long =__=

        *sigh* no idea what to do. XD

        • Vermillion Reply

          haha yeh same, I still have no idea XD Thought I’ll just try and transfer into something more fun lol.

  3. o___o~ Your pictures make me hungry. I haven’t had Japanese food in sooo long o;! Although, I’m a fan of the tonkatsu itself, I don’t like it when there’s an egg with it because it becomes soggy D:~ I guess we both love our fried foods :3

    • Vermillion Reply

      Aww, I love Japanese food. It’s what I mainly eat if I’m eating out +_+

  4. Looks good. I never tried that one during the 2+ months I stayed in Sydney a couple months ago. It looks good, so do bad I didn’t see your post here then :-)

    • Vermillion Reply

      Maybe you’ll have a chance to visit Sydney again? ^0^

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