I’ve placed another order with Gmarket, I can’t wait for my big package to arrive :buncheer I just need to buy like 9 more items before I can get their VIP status which is apparently achieved when you have bought 50 items or something :3 This time I’ve realised how to use use their coupons (lol) and also they’ve got an event right now so you can have a chance to win coupons daily until the 13th of November. I’ve manged to save ?24,190 on this order, very happy :crazydance

Here’s the list of what I ordered:

Satchel [link]

Diary/planner with calendar & stickers [link]

Bunny patterned jacket [link]

Lace shorts [link]

Black boots [link]

These next 2 sticker packs come from this seller, but I’ve put links to save time if you just want to look at those stickers :bunchuu

A240 – 8 sheets sticker pack [link]

A314 sticker pack [link]


  1. addicted much!?? hahahahhaaha 41 items lol they have so much variety! i shall browse after exams hehehe

    • Vermillion Reply

      Yeh, though don’t look at there if you are tired? XD My friend is like he got blinded by the flashing images lol.

  2. Ah that satchel looks really nice !

    But I never heard Gmarket. Their items seems really cool!

  3. Aww, those items are all absolutely adorable! I never ordered from Gmarket myself, but a couple of my friends ordered from them. Isn’t there like a minimum of how much you have to order on there? I can’t really remember.. but I did remember how confusing their website was for me. XD Hope you get your items real soon!

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks ^^ There’s no minimum item requirement, but since the shipping is a bit pricey I prefer to buy a few of items at once :)

  4. I saw this on soompi and can’t wait for your review! The bag is a bit pricey but if the quality if great, I might just have to order. Maybe you can do a gmarket tutorial? I haven’t ordered from there before but have been wanting to for some time :)

    • Vermillion Reply

      Sure C: A few of my friends have said they find navigating around Gmarket confusing, so if I have time I definitely will make a few tutorials :3

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