Besides the fun of taking shots with an instant film camera, the next best thing is decorating them! I think adding embellishments creates a personalised touch and feeling to the photos puuu

I’ve been collecting deco stickers from G-market since a few years ago and last month I received another batch of stickers I bought from Taobao. Finally glad that I can use them! I got my recent haul of sticker from this Taobao store. Apparently Taobao ships overseas now, though I’ll still use a shopping service until there’s an English help desk since my Chinese is horrible. The agent I’ve been using for the past year is Bhiner and I haven’t run into problems with them :chuuu

The stickers I got are mainly to decorate schedules/planners but they’re also perfect for instax snaps. While hunting, I mainly kept an eye out on stickers with:

  • Captions/banners so I could write inside them
  • Mini expressions/kaomoji
  • Speech bubbles/words/phrases
  • Mini hats/hair accesories
  • Patterns/borders
  • Cute characters!

Mini stickers are the best so you can fit them around the border or in the photo so it doesn’t cover anyone. Personally I like ones with kaomoji/faces and words so you don’t have to write on the cheki. I think character stickers also adds more expression! I have big writing so I’m always scared I’m gonna run out of space before I complete the word :buuu

Thanks to my friends who helped me decorate most of these

Besides stickers, markers are also a must for me if you don’t have any frame/banner stickers or if the photo is too dark for the stickers. Sometimes I like to write in the date or add little drawings/effects.

I have the Sakura Deco Cute Metallic Photo Marker – 6 Color Set which a friend got for me in Hong Kong. These markers by Zebra are also pretty popular to use, otherwise I’ve seen people use Posca markers as well. I’m planning to buy a set so I’ll probably post about them after I use them! I think as long as they’re made to write on glass/plastic you can use them on the photo’s surface and opaque ink will be visible on dark parts of them film, so buying paint markers are probably the best if you’re not too sure on what to buy.

I’ll definitely be buying more stickers so I’ll probably be posting update every few months. My main problem at the moment is finding albums and ways to display all the photos since I’ve taken so many in the past few months :sweat

Mini Con Report – Animania Sydney 2014

On the 22nd of March I went to Animania - sadly it was their last event! I think it’s a great pity to see a convention stop after running, especially since it’s been around for over a decade. Personally I had an interesting time volunteering as one of their small section managers and gained various skills and experience which I know I’ll find useful to apply in different areas throughout my life.

Makoto – Danny | Haruka – Reika | Nitori – Me | Rin- knitemaya | Rei – Ayu | Nagisa – Izzy
Photo by Aoki

It was a last minute decision but I cosplayed as sailor Nitori from Free!. He doesn’t have an official version but it’s based off the official artwork. I actually wanted to cosplay as Nagisa in his swimmers and yellow Iwatobi tee, but I got swayed to join my friends who were also doing the sailor version lol.

Haruka only thinks of water

A super big thank you to Ayu for sewing my outfit! She kindly sewed my sailor top and hat.

Here’s a quick run down of my outfit:

    • the striped tank top for $5 from Cotton On
    • white pants for $20 from Target
    • skinny black suspenders for $6 from Jay Jays (yay student discount!)
    • shoes – navy striped TOMS which I bought previously
    • blue material was $20 for 2 metres at Lincraft

It’s my first time buying the materials and other items locally so it was interesting (and annoying!) trying to hunt for the perfect items to suit my cosplay but I got there in the end! Since it was last minute I didn’t get time to put the blue lines on my pants though, I bought the pants the day before the con :buuu

I spent the most of the day outside and taking photos with friends. The weather was so hot and humid lol, Sydney’s weather has been either pretty hot or windy and rainy so far this year :shock This is actually my first time wearing a short sleeved cosplay so I thought I would be fine but I still sweating and boiling!

Here are some cheki shots which I took :teehee  I always bring my instax camera out with me whenever there’s social gathering. It’s a fun way to make precious memories.

Nowadays I spend like 80% of conventions just chatting and catching up with friends, so I actually don’t experience much of the con haha so I guess this isn’t really a con report :3seal I probably should do something about it but to me cons have always been about socialising. I usually don’t follow most of the guests that come to Sydney and buy most of my merchandise online.

And to end this post here’s a vid of what usually happens when I meet up with friends. Just a warning there’s a lot of random things going on :kaohuhu

Hong Kong Dec 2013 – Part 1

Finally back to posting :sobb2

I guess over the past 2 years I’ve kinda had a blogging slump since it’s much easier to micro blog through instagram and I don’t tend to type up much wordwise  :gloom But I’ll try to keep blogging here! I’ve decided to queue posts weekly since I usually only write them a day or two beforehand so my blog will become active again. We’ll see how it goes lol.


Last year in December/early January I stayed in Hong Kong for around 2 weeks! It’s been around 15 years since I went there (gosh I feel so old now lol), so I didn’t really remember much about it besides that we went to the night markets a lot haha :eheh

I mainly hung out around Mongkok and I’m so glad that I had friends there at the same time so we got to hung out. Even though it’s great going on holidays with your parents since they pay for most things, I think it’s a better experience exploring around with friends :shinyred

One day while we were shopping around, we happened to come across a LINE promotional event! They were promoting the video calling features of the app. LINE and LINE Camera are my favourite apps at the moment, I love all the sticker designs they have and they’re fun apps to use wakuwaku

It took us a while to get to the front of the line, but after we checked into the event on Facebook, they showed us the new features and I got a Bear clearfile and Sally mini notebook.

I was surprised to see how popular LINE is over there, I got free Cony (the rabbit) tissues when I was at a convenience store and saw some toothpaste brand or something promoting bowls with the faces of the characters :XD


Hong Kong is a heaven for shopping – cosmetic and clothing stores everywhere! Ever since I started to get into cosplay more last year, I’ve hardly bought anything casual clothing to wear so I used it as a chance to stock up Winter wear :bunny These are just some of the things which I’ve bought. These were taken from my instagram so I’ll probably post more about the other items I bought later when I wear them lol.

Info is left to right, top to bottom.

I’ve tried my best to remember where I’ve bought the items/brand names so I apologise in advance that I can’t remember more details.

1. Adhesive matches -Francfranc. This store has lots of lovely homeware items.

2. Alpaca jumper (label says Mouth Valley), cat blouse and hair accessories (brand: Suye) were all from stores in Allied Plaza, Prince Edward.

3. Jackets were by IPZONE. They had an awesome deal to buy one jacket & get the second one for only $1 more so I ended up paying HKD600 for 2 jackets!

4. Got these from stalls in Argyle Centre. This place is jam packed with stalls (like an indoor market) selling really cheap pieces. I saw basic skirts/shorts selling for around AU$5! The downside is that isle is really narrow and it’s so hard to walk around because there’s so many people. If you’re not fond of crowds, I suggest you start shopping here earlier, like around 12pm~1pm. From memory the beanie was AU$10, sweater AU$7, shirt AU$15.

5. Boots by Puzzle which I think you can find in i.t shoes stores. I light how they’re light and not chunky.

6. Loafers by Oxbridge Town.  I really like this brand! I also got a pair of shiny black boots by them.

7. Instax film is super cheap in HK, I think it’s roughly the same price as in Japan. From memory I paid AU$35 for the pack of 5 film and shiny star box.  Also got a Mikoto ball-chain plushie from this store that sells Animate and legit goods! If I can help it I prefer not buying fake/unlicensed goods (not including fan art).

1. Etude House is amazing to visit in store lol, I went there 3 times and I think between my sister and I we spent HKD1400+ hahaha  nyoo I think it’ll soo take over my current reign of Dolly Wink products lol. In this first photo I got the Precious Mineral BB Cream cotton fit no2 Light beige and Drawing Show Brush Liner in Black. This is my favourite eyeliner atm (this is my 3rd time buying it lol), the tip is really thin and easy to control and the ink is really pigmented! It’s not waterproof though. It was my first time trying the bbcream from this series and I like it so far. I usually use the Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream, so it was nice having a lighter feeling BB cream.

2. This was from my second haul at Etude House. I got the Surprise Stick Concealer shade #1 since a friend recommended it to me. I like the creamy texture of it and it conceals well! I also got oil blotting paper and brown mascara which I haven’t used yet, so I’ll probably post about it later. Another one of my favourite products is the Styling Eyeliner. I got it to replace my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil since I forgot to buy it when I went to Sephora. I think it works quite well, it’s glides on easily and I’m happy with the amount of pigment and shimmer.

3.  This peach fragrance cream (AU15) is super cute and just using a little bit gives off a strong scent. I got it from a Japanese stall at SOGO. So many Japanese products and shops there, one of my favourite department stores. I also got the cute clay horse (AU10) since it’s my zodiac this year.

4. Bought this for like $5 from Watsons! I love the fragrance, it’s a pretty fresh and fruity scent. It does make my hair smooth and shiny after I spray and comb it but I wouldn’t say it lasts all day. But then it could be my hair is drier atm since I got my hair permed.


And that’s all for part one! Any requests for more photos are welcomed :chuuu

Next post will be about food and Disneyland!