Summer Inspo – ChokiChoki Girls – Part 1

Last year’s and this year’s Summer inspo is from ChokiChoki Girls! Aimed at teens and girls in their early twenties, it’s a magazine which centres around boyish but cute casual street style with makeup and seasonal hairstyles. It’s still pretty new, it launched in 2009 as a side magazine to ChokiChoki (which is aimed at males), and only started getting released monthly a bit more than a year ago I think.

One of the main reasons why I chose ChokiChoki, besides wanting to browse through a new magazine besides Popteen, was that it’s super easy to buy digitally through Fujisan. It’s very easy to view the magazines via a computer their app if you prefer reading it via a tablet or iPad. I prefer reading the physical version, but I don’t think it’s stocked locally here and it’ll probably cost three times the price so it’s more economical reading the digital version.

At first I was going to combine the July and August into one post but then I realised it might be too image heavy haha. I found that this issue focuses more on oufit coordination and makeup compared to the other issue so part 2 should be as interesting!

So first up, the July 2014 cover features Yohdi and Karin in 50s inspired outfits, aren’t they cute? I also love the colour and outfit coordination, it really screams Summer to me. Here are some behind the scene photos. The theme of this issue is about how to dress/style in certain ways to hide certain parts of your face and body if you’re not too confident about them or want give an illusion of a more slimmer look.

If you think your legs look too short, wear platform shoes to make your legs look longer!

If you’re anxious about your thighs looking thick, you should wear something with a wedge, simple flats and slip-ons aren’t flattering. If you don’t like your calves, it’s advised against wearing pumps and wedges, high cut sneakers are fine and I think if they have like straps around the ankles (not too sure on this one).

Style up with silhouette magic! An oversized tee and short shorts create a Y line and a loose top with high wasted shorts creates an X line.

If you want to get an I silhouette, pair up a logo tee with a tight skirt which has suspenders and an A line can be created by wearing a short length tops and a flare skirt that goes to the knees.

Here are some makeup scans! I love the colour of the blush she uses and her hairstyle is cute and simple.

This makeup section is about matching makeup to your hair colour. For a natural feeling, use light makeup.

When you make the eyeliner more bold, you can give off a more casual edgy look.

For light brown hair, you can look super cute in pink colour wakuwaku

With sunburnt cheeks, you can look like a west coast (?) girl. I just assume it’s like a beach look? haha.

If you have brown hair, you can look exotic with grey eyes! I’m not sure if it sounds weird but circle lenses have been the craze for the last 5 years and it’s still going strong. I think it’s fun to make your eyes pop with different colours!

Use a flashy colour to make your eyes pop! She used a bright blue eyeliner and blue mascara. I noticed that coloured mascara and eyebrow mascara were being sold but I’m not sure how popular that is :XD

If you want to see larger scans, please view this album!

Sorry for posting this up so late, I couldn’t figure out the way I wanted to format the post haha, the next part should be posted next or in Feb!

2014 Favourites!

Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a nice Christmas or break celebrating and relaxing with friends and family. Here are some of my favourite from last year which I didn’t get to post about so I thought I would do a mini round up post.

 :shinystar Favourite Makeup Items :shinystar 

The DUP Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra is definitely one of my favourite and one of my most used items last year. I have single eyelids so I feel using them helps gives my eyes more definition and makes them look bigger, especially while wearing circle lenses. If you already have double eyelids you can use them to make the crease deeper or change your double eyelid position.

I would say this is my favourite item because it’s easy to use, lasts the whole day and it’s a subtle but makes a noticeable difference to your look. I’ve used double eyelid glue but this method is much easier and I don’t have to worry about the glue wearing off and messing up my makeup!

I find that placing the tape on my eyelid and then using the V stick to push the tape in so it sticks between the fold, is easier than inserting the tape like in the instruction depicted above. Another tip is to use a wet tissue or makeup wipe to remove the tape, they’re pretty painful to remove, especially if you’ve just stuck it on.

Here’a a video of a someone applying it and a makeup routine wakuwaku


Another item I’ve loved using this year is the Etude House Mascara Lash Perm 3 Step Volumcara in Brown. I picked it up while I was in Hong Kong since it was on sale so I’m glad I bought it! I can’t seem to find much info about it online so I guess it was a product they released for a certain range sometime during 2013.

I would say the brown is like a medium brown colour? I’m not sure how noticeable it is far away since I have short lashes but I’ve had friend comment about it before so I guess it’s obvious up close :teehee I guess the only downside is that is can be clumpy, so I’ve only used step 1 (you twist the tube to get more product on the brush) so I can’t really comment on the build and how it volumises the lashes.


 :shinystar Favourite Apps :shinystar 

Cost: Free
iPhoneAndroid | Site

I think this is the perfect app for taking selfies! I love using the filters under the Portrait mode, particularly the Natural and Sapphire filters – it makes your skin look so nice! I find that they’re best used with good lighting though. The above photos was taken with the natural filter (sorry I only have pics of myself using the app while in cosplay haha :emb ). The app also has different features such as retouching photos and collaging and different filters for taking photos of food, scenery etc.

If you’re interested to see which other apps I use for editing photos, please take a look at this post I made earlier last year.


Love Live! School Idol Festival
Cost: Free
Japanese: iPhone | AndroidSite
English: iTunes | Android | Site

One phrase I kept hearing last year everywhere was “Love Live”. I’m usually not a person who follows idols (3d or 2d lol) but so many of my friends were playing this so I decided to check it out. Just how big is it? At the end of last year, it hit 10,000,000 downloads! Amazing right? :sweat

It’s a music rhythm app which follows the group of 9 school students, μ’s (Muse),  and you play the rhythm games helping them during their live shows and also recruit new members. Songs get unlocked as you progress through the story or there’s songs which change daily, or are promotional when singles are released, which you can download.

The songs are catchy and there’s different cards with cute outfits so if it’s your kinda things I think you should try it out! There’s constantly different events running to get different cards so it’s not too boring (prepared to get the songs ingrained in your brain). It’s also available as a game on the psp and there’s an anime series if you’re interested in checking it out in different mediums.


 :shinystar Twitter Accounts :shinystar 

Besides using Twitter to spam keep in touch with my friends, I like using it follow models! Yohdi Kondou is one of my favourite models at the moment, I think he has a cute style and he takes funny photos. I think he became popular through social media and modelling for Wego. He currently has 2 style books and a photobook out, and hosts on a tv show called “musicるTV“.


Another model I follow is Asaka who is under the ASOBI SYSTEM agency. I like following her for short hair inspo! I think she has simple but cute hairstyles.



And I think that sums up most of last year! I wanted to write up a bit more but I didn’t want it to turn into an essay :XD

Celebrating Another Year Gone By

Last Tuesday was my birthday so I went to Burger Project with friends. It opened recently and there were conflicting reviews such as “it was amazing” to “it was like eating a burger at McDonald’s”, so I was hesitant to eat there since I wanted to go somewhere enjoyable for my birthday. But in the end I thought I might as well go there since I would one day regardless of when.

We went in around 1pm and I was surprised to see it was so packed (since I thought the hype had died down lol), but we didn’t have to wait long and managed to find a table to sit at. I ordered the cheese burger (grass fed beef, cheese, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and secret sauce – $8.90) and house made chips ($4.90). The food was okay, the beef patty was a bit salty though and the chips weren’t anything special (I like them really crispy) but it was edible which I guess is the main thing :ugh2

For that price and being a gourmet burger place, I’ll rather eat at Grill’d. It’s slightly more expensive but the burgers are filling and I like how the buns are thicker. The chips are amazing there too!


For dessert we went to this cafe which has lovely desserts and a really nice interior design. It used to be called Princess Coco, but it shut down for a few months and it’s now called The Corner Cafe on Day. My friends treated me this fruity cheesecake? I can’t exactly remember what is it because I have a short memory haha, but it was really delicious! It’s wrapped around in dark chocolate and everything tasted really nice together.

Besides eating, we went to Capitol Square to play on the UFO catchers and E won a kaomoji alpaca! There’s also this huge snowglobe at Market City where it has fake snow (I think they’re soap suds?) falling and various snow and Christmas decorations inside. I thought it was an interesting Christmas attraction for a shopping centre lol.


Some gifts I got from friends :deer Barakamon is one of my favourite series from this year, the relationships and interactions between the characters are really cute and hilarious. I also got this cute bracelet and Instax Share SP-1 printer! It’s a smartphone printer so I can print out photos if I haven’t got instax printer with me.


I also want to use the opportunity to say thanks to those who read my blog for the support! Especially those who have followed me for a while. I’ve been a bit lax in posting regular updates since last year because I mainly post photos through instagram nowadays but I’m working on changing that.

I’ve been blogging via wordpress/my own domain for about 4~5 years now, initially I started out wanted to post about my casual interests being inspired by other bloggers but now I’ve developed other interests and hobbies which I’m still considering whether to post here or to still keep it rather general. One thing I’m trying to get into is beauty/skincare reviews – I’ve been really into cosmetics for the past two years but was unsure whether I’ll be able to write substantial previews on them but we’ll see how it goes lol. So far I’ve decided to have a posting schedule of posting something related to lifestyle/interests then reviewing and so on.

Every view, click and comment is appreciated so I hope to have your continuous support in the future puuu

What’s in my Bag?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this so I thought I’ll do something like an update post!

I’ve been using this backpack for a few months now, I usually like roomy bags, especially backpacks, since I carry around a jacket/cardigan/sweater since I get cold easily.  It’s lightweight and has a few compartments so it’s perfect :teehee Also I tend to carry a lot of things with me, I’m the type of person who always overpacks haha.

I like carrying around my mini instax 90 to practice taking instant film photos. I haven’t been taking photos with it recently (besides cosplay shots) so I’ve been trying to take photos of other things such as scenery, flowers etc.

Recently I got a new wallet from kikki.K which I love! It’s a bit puffy and reminds me of a strawberry. I’ve had my old wallet for around 7 years, it was the first thing I bought off eBay, so I was was in need for an upgrade! First time having a long wallet – I like all the slots for all my cards which makes them easier to see and use.

My Rilakkuma coin/pass case is also something I’ve owned for a few years, I think it was the first thing I bought from Strapya-World while I was still in high school. I like using it to hold all my coins so they don’t dirty or weigh down my wallet. It’s also handy for the Opal pass (reloadable transport card) as I put in in my front bag pocket, so it’s easy to take out to take and scan when I need to use it.

I probably carry too many makeup items with me but I don’t know how to cut down! :=_=U I’m still looking for a small brown eyeshadow palette so I probably will have to cut down on what I carry out when I get it lol. I like carrying items just incase I need them, so I don’t need to buy them if I do need it while I’m out. Also I like carrying hair wax incase I’m rushing out of the house I can quickly style my hair while I’m on the bus or something.

Something I always have to have with me is my portable battery charger. I picked it up while I was in Hong Kong and it’s so handy since I can use it to charge my 3DS or iPhone while I’m on the go. I can use it to charge my phone fully around 3~4 times? So it’s more than enough atm, not sure if it’ll change when I get a new phone. I also really like it due to the size and texture of the casing. It’s made from some type of silicone? so it gets dirty easily but it’s nice to touch :eheh

I also usually carry my 3DS with me. I own two due to the region locking and because I want to play games in Japanese which I know will never get localised overseas (such as Taiko no Tatsujin). I currently carry around my Australian one atm since I’ve been playing Fantasy Life on it. It’s a good way to pass the time on public transport when I don’t want to browse on my phone.

I like having a spare bag with me incase I go shopping and bags are always useful aren’t they? This tote bag is one from my uni’s anime society and features a few of my favourite characters.

This plastic water bottle bag is really handy as it becomes really light as you drink water. I think it holds around 500mL so it’s handy whether I’m at uni or just out with friends.


Here are some other bags I use. I mainly use my Hershel bag for Uni, it’s so great for holding textbooks! I like really the padding of the straps and back. I got the largest size so it would have more room for my laptop, but then my laptop broke haha. It’s also a good bag for travelling, I use it as a carry on bag for when I’m on a plane.

And the other bags depend on my outfit or mood. I really like the dark blue shoulder bag because it has elephants on it and I got it when I was in Thailand. Also the American Apparel x WC (Chinatsu Wakatsuki) canvas bag is another favourite because WC used to be my favourite brand and I like how it’s shaped like a plastic bag :blood

G&G Shinny Violet (Puffy 3 Tone) Review

G&G Shinny Violet


Diameter: 14.5mm

Base Curve: 8.6mm

Water Content: 38%

Life Span: Yearly

Design: ★★★★★
I absolutely love these purple lenses! They give a nice subtle, but still noticeable, purple colour to my eyes which looks more vibrant depending on the lighting. I think if purple was a natural eye colour it would be like this.

The gradient of purple to a golden brown makes it blend well on my brown eyes. I think the black limbal ring with the slight darker purple give a dolly eyed effect.

The pupil hole is big on my eyes, so sometimes it can look I have a lazy eye :XD

Enlargement: ★★★★★
These enlarge a lot! I think 14.5mm is the largest size I’ll go otherwise they’ll cover the whole of my eyes lol. Depending on the size of your eyes they can give you a halo effect.

Comfort: ★★★★★
They’re really comfy! I usually only use eyedrops right after I put them in, and I can wear them the whole day without them feeling dry. I like wearing them often for a daily look when I’m not in cosplay.

October Snaps

Sorry for the lack of posting last month! I got a pretty bad case of hay fever and sinus infection which last 2~3 weeks so I thought I’ld take a break from posting :3seal

Recently I started cycling again! I haven’t ridden a bike since high school so I was really rusty haha, it took a while to get used to the balance. It was nice to experience riding around a park again! I used exercise weekly by riding a bike or scooter when I was younger.

We rode around Bicentennial Park and it was only $15 for an hour so I hope I can go more often to add some variety in my exercise routine  :happy


After that we had Korean food! I love Korean food but I think it’s a bit expensive eating it in the city but this place was decent and they refilled the side dishes often :kaohuhu I really like eating dolsot bibimbap so if you follow me on instagram you’ll probably notice I always order it if I’m not eating fried chicken haha.


Uniqlo had a deal where you could buy two UT tees for $19.90, so a friend I got matching tees :eheh I’m not really a big fan of Toy Story but I like the aliens and I haven’t gotten a navy tee in my wardrobe yet. I was surprised about the fitting of the size though, I thought I would be a XS since that’s what I got for the LINE tees, but XXS ended fitting me better. A note to myself to double check the sizing for future in purchases incase they’re too baggy!


Also managed to get another Cony item at Capitol thanks to certain people :hearteye2 My collection is slowly growing!


I haven’t eaten frozen yoghurt in ages so I went to Noggi with Ayu. I think the hype of it has died down and also my taste has gone back to thicker yoghurt (This is my absolute favourite!). We decided to try their signature ranges – Ayu got the Apple Crumble and I got the Green tea one. I wouldn’t say it was anything amazing but it was interesting eating froyo with red beans and was refreshing as an afternoon snack :glee2


I went to Circa Espresso with friends for brunch. It’s a cozy cafe with not much seating space so I’m glad we went in early! I can’t remember the exact name of the dish but it had granola chunks, yoghurt and fruit. Unfortunately the granola was overcooked, and as much as I tried to soften it with the yoghurt it was pretty inedible :sobbb I probably like ended up eating 70% of it before I gave up lol. The person at the cashier was kind enough to not charge me for the meal and was apologetic about it. Nice customer service!

Despite my experience, I wouldn’t mind going back there to try their dishes with sourdough instead. What my friends ate look really nice, so I’m glad they enjoyed their dishes puuu

Fantasy Life

After around 2 years of waiting, Fantasy Life is finally available in English! It’s a JRPG by Level-5 where you can switch easily between 12 job classes – otherwise known as a “life” in the game – to help you fight monsters, gather materials and/or craft items!

I won’t be going over any of the plot to avoid spoilers so here are my initial thoughts about the game.


The first life I chose was a Paladin – I love swordsman/knight type of classes and I usually pick it when playing rpgs. Fairly straight forward playing with this class, there’s the basic attacking skill and a few different ones with magic. There’s also cute/decent looking armour and all different type of outfits you can get as you visit each area (or can make if you’ve chosen the blacksmith life). You can choose to use single-handed sword and/or shield and a greatsword (two-handed), but I tried the latter yet. Playing without the shield gives you more option in using sp sword skills.

The next life I chose was to be a cook. I find this life super fun, and it’s really useful creating items which I can use to help me while I’m out exploring and battling monsters. There’s a range of things you can cook and there’s 4 categories – fruit & vegetables, egg, meat and fish dishes. As you level up, you can gain skills to make you cook faster, helping you whip up super meals, and add extra ingredients such wasabi to tuna sushi to make it better.

There’s an overall storyline in the game, but you can also complete other quests in-between chapters which helps you level up and earn dosh (the in-game currency). Completing chapters of the storyline helps you earn “bliss points” which you can use to unlock features such as getting a pet or increasing your bag storage. Doing the quests with stars help you achieve rank for your Life.

Another appeal to the game is the multiplayer capabilities, you can play with two other friends! I find this a good way to fight against the other monsters and explore other areas to complete quests. It’s a fast way to earn exp as you just need to last a hit on the monster so it cuts down on grinding.  It’s also easy connecting locally or via the internet if you have your friends already added in your friend’s list.

Exchanging a bounty at a bounty clerk is a good way to earn dosh and get items, which sometimes can vary. You can get them by killing area bosses, and there’s also bounties from mining, axing or fishing!

There’s also a dlc/expansion pack which costs around AU$10~ (from memory) where you have another area to explore, more pets, more customisation etc. I haven’t bought this yet as most of the features can only be accessed after level 50.

The only issue I have is that targeting and switching between monsters while battling can be annoying but otherwise playing the game so far has been an enjoyable experience! The graphics are cute and vibrant and the music is enjoyable to listen to. There’s a lot of things I haven’t covered since I haven’t played all the jobs yet so look around before you buy it but I think if you’re a fan of jrpgs it’ll be fun to play.